Sunday, October 11, 2009

New mix is available!

In keeping with the autumn spirit I have kicked off the mix making with a Halloween mix. It's probably not the most accessable mix I'll post on here but if you'd like a fun, spooky mix to get you in the spirit for the upcoming holiday, then by all means request a copy via email. If it's not your bag, fear not, I plan on releasing several more mixes before the year is up. Just keep checking back. Hope you all enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

PS. In keeping with the mood of Halloween let me just strongly recommend the movie Zombieland to anyone who likes their comedy mixed with gore. It was a hilarious film in my opinion and perfect for this time of year.


  1. Hey Chad, I think this would be a perfect mix to welcome a new baby :) I'd love one. Email me your PayPal account and I'll make a donation to the mixing cause :)

  2. This Halloween Mix is so fun. Unpredictable tunes that run the gamut artist-wise. Track 2. Brilliance.