Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two new mixes!!

As I was recently working on my latest mix I received a request for some gym music, so I very enthusiastically whipped up an upbeat, fun exercise mix to deliver. I wanted to make sure that it was available to anyone who might like a copy so feel free to request one by simply emailing me or commenting a request below (if I already have your address info).

Also... my sister Heather has managed to get me hooked on the show Deadwood and as I am wrapping up season one here I decided to create an Ode to Deadwood mix. It's a mix filled with banjo, fiddle, guitar fingerpicking, harmonica and plenty of tunes about gambling, gunfights and rough & rowdy ways. If that sounds up your alley then please request a copy.

As I stated before I'm currently working on a wintry, instrumental mix. I'll be getting that out soon but I just had to get these other two mixes out first given the spontaneous nature in which they were created.

Monday, February 8, 2010

a new mix is brewing

I hope those of you who requested the "2009 Rewind" mix are enjoying it. I'm fast at work on the next mix which will be a winter storm soundtrack of sorts. I'm hoping to get that one out in the next few weeks. Feel free to put in an early request for that one. Check back for updates as this next mix is well under way.