Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two new mixes!!

As I was recently working on my latest mix I received a request for some gym music, so I very enthusiastically whipped up an upbeat, fun exercise mix to deliver. I wanted to make sure that it was available to anyone who might like a copy so feel free to request one by simply emailing me or commenting a request below (if I already have your address info).

Also... my sister Heather has managed to get me hooked on the show Deadwood and as I am wrapping up season one here I decided to create an Ode to Deadwood mix. It's a mix filled with banjo, fiddle, guitar fingerpicking, harmonica and plenty of tunes about gambling, gunfights and rough & rowdy ways. If that sounds up your alley then please request a copy.

As I stated before I'm currently working on a wintry, instrumental mix. I'll be getting that out soon but I just had to get these other two mixes out first given the spontaneous nature in which they were created.


  1. Hi Chad, I would like to sign up for the instrumental wintry mix. I think that Elise will dig it :)

  2. 1. The Deadwood Mix in incredible
    2. Send Dancy tunes this way please!
    3. Mixaur rules